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These are the effects of the blinds!

With the arrival of summer, the shutters gradually popular, and how to choose the suitable blinds beautiful appearance has become the focus of attention.

Type shutter:Adjust light, ventilation: at night, can prevent indoor light outdoor; winter can introduce sunshine, make the room becomes bright and warm; in the summer can block the strong sunshine and good ventilation, make the room air is fresh and cool.

Energy saving and temperature: prevent indoor warm air flow to the outdoors in winter, enhance air conditioner heating effect; direct sunlight shading in summer, enhance air cooling effect.

To protect personal privacy by adjusting the leaf angle, can stop from above or below at the sight. If you want to block the following view, you should put the convex surface of the leaves to the side of the room, if you want to block the above view, then vice versa.

Sound insulation, anti UV: compared with ordinary windows and doors, shutter doors and windows insulation performance increased by more than 70%, in the summer, can stop more than 95% of ultraviolet rays.

Beautiful concise, fashion: followed hundreds of years in Europe and the United States decoration style, shutters and doors with There is nothing comparable to this beauty and natural broad practicability in the renovation of all. It into the modern home, sense of the changes brought about pleasing modern compact space; a variety of color choices the shutters and Home Furnishing adornment style.

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