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Wood louvers show the beauty of life

Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood has incomparable natural beauty in all decoration materials. A simple piece of wood, deep in the reinforced concrete jungle city people associate is green and luxuriant. Trees and green woods, as if have continuously by the top leaves elegant fresh oxygen suddenly immersed in the heart. For the natural beauty of wood, people now want to own it, especially in the green and healthy days. Home, as the most private and relaxing place, people want to decorate their comfort. With the help of wood, the elegant expression is easy to reveal. The hard wood doors and Windows of the style are often memorable and impressive.

 Wood is excellent material for both vision and touch. Its clear and deep lines attract attention immediately, making people want to touch the wood texture. Solid wood shutter makes the bedroom appears elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to the modern American bedroom design changes, wood has always played a rather important role in it. Among them is the classic bevel glass inlaid with flower wooden door and comfortable and natural hardwood window, had let many home personages full of nostalgic.
Unlike the soft texture of the curtain, the shutters are made of wood, glass and aluminum, so they can resist the sun, wind, rain, and dust, and are easy to clean.
At present the shutters in the market, or the fine luxuriant, or the rough wei god. Its overall arrangement of horizontal lines shows air and warm plane beauty. Through the adjustment of the light, the shutter can also bring the change to the eye of the modern concise space; The choice of a variety of colors more make the shutter and the style that household adornment is integrated.