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Attention to the processing of aluminum shutters

The items to be paid attention to in the processing of aluminum shutters are as follows:
1. aluminum shutters(wood blinds factory) raw materials, aluminum and other steel products should be processed in the workshop. The environment in the workshop should be clean. The mechanical equipment for processing aluminum profiles should be complete, tools should be prepared ahead of time, and the quality of processing equipment needs high accuracy.

2., all materials and auxiliary parts for aluminum alloy louver processing must have relevant certificates or inspection reports from relevant departments before they can be put into operation.
3., before making use of structural adhesive, we need to set up a series of process standards and carry out strict execution according to the requirements. We must keep clean and tidy in the process of glue injection, and we must record the glue.

4., it can't be used without testing, without passing or through the cemented material which is not allowed, but can't use the cemented material which is not licensed and certified, nor can it use expired cementing material. All kinds of fittings, fasteners and bolts used in the production of aluminum alloy blinds must have measures to prevent loosening.