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Problems that are easy to appear when decorating the shutters

On the market, home decoration is the main manufacturing site may purchase door, molded door, solid wood doors do Mentao, paint. Below we will analyze some of the simple questions and ways to deal with the shutters in the construction.

The shutters and frame gap: the primary reason is the device of plane repair ban and window frames and the ground is not straight, can be shaved to remove the shutters and frame with back device, such as door and window frame is not straight in the box plate gasket for straight.
The quality of the hardware device is poor: the reason is that the hinge of the flat door is not correct, so that the door and window fan and the frame cover are not flat. Each can be turned to a screw heads and then adjust the flatness adjusting shutter and frame repair are correct then tighten all screws. If the screwdriver is short, the screw is nailed and skewed, the suitable screws should be replaced when the door and window fan is mended. When necessary the dead straight screw screw should be 1 / 3 of the total length of nail and screw in the other 2 / 3 from a nail or screw skew.

The louver switch is not smooth: the main reason is that the lock device is in doubt. The latch plate should be unloaded, the tongue grooves can be repaired with chisels, the position of the door frame and the tongue and mouth is adjusted, and the latch plate is installed.
When the sliding door is sliding, the tightening force is mainly due to the fact that the center line of the upper and lower tracks or rail trench is not caused by the same vertical plane. It should be adjusted by the orientation of the track to make the upper and lower track or the center line of the rail slot plumb.
Shutter cover construction: the wooden door window sleeve construction is technical, the common quality questions have the following several:

The window opening next to the surface is not straight: the primary reason is no wood pad for straight, should rework pad, with a long ruler to measure and correct after packing plate.
Appearance is color difference, breakage, rotten spot, crack and so on: it is necessary to replace the decoration panel treatment. Doors and windows sets using wood, wood should be with windows fan color harmony dead veneer and wooden line color not dead wood should be the same.
Hand percussion door panel beside the empty drums, marked the bottom without pad Daixinban, plus pad should be removed after the big core board panel.