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Why choose solid wood shutter

:HEZE HUASHENG :HEZE HUASHENG 2018-01-04 13:35:42
The shutter is suitable for range: it replaces the traditional curtain cloth and can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer's room: floor-to-ceiling Windows, open Windows, curved Windows or sliding doors. The blade itself can be flexibly composed and installed in any part of the room, which is convenient and flexible.
The features of the shutters: the solid wood louver can be arbitrarily adjusted, convenient, flexible, transparent, breathable, with good sound insulation, heat insulation, isolation, both practical and beautiful; Open, right (left) open, open, fold open and other open ways; Also can adjust the indoor light arbitrarily, and effectively resist ultraviolet ray, in the circumstance that separates from inside and outside the line of view is transparent, ventilated, green environment creates warm and pleasant living space.
Shutter classic fashion: because of the style from Europe, materials for rare wood, wooden gorgeous varied vivid, the overall arrangement of horizontal lines, not only break the monotony of layout form, but also for the feeling of space of the contemporary and concise change and pleasing to the eye, to the best line of home decoration. It can according to different architecture styles, functional requirements, taste class, can design the different style, different structure, different colors, different surface treatment products, can not only keep the original coordinate building main body and indoor, can highlight the adornment art style again. Let the window make public the spirit of building, build a fashionable living environment of high quality.
The health idea of shutters: indoor environment has harmful ingredients that harm human health, maintain good ventilation and ventilating environment, it is the most effective way to remove indoor pollution. Real wood shutter shading and ventilation function of synchronization, the curtain of traditional block ultraviolet light efficiency is 60% ~ 80%, the real wood shutter blocking efficiency for more than 95%, white blade effect is better.