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How to judge the quality of the shutter

First, it is made up of many leaves, each of which has a punching hole, so check that the punching hole should not be broken and smooth, and that the sides of the blades should not be too rough.
Secondly, in order to prevent sellers to cut corners, you should pay attention to its thickness and the number of blades of the blade, to join each other to see if it can, and camber is also very important, if too large, blade easy to deformation.
Once again, the blade should be checked every piece, and it is a check on the front and back, so as not to have a curved area or curved area too large, which affects the flat feel of the installation.
Finally, for the entire window of the film, must pay attention to the color, especially the middle part of the window in the people when the window is more important, do not produce chromatic aberration, to encourage the influence beautiful.