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The shutters are becoming a new fashion in modern homes

In some people's opinion, the shutters seem to be a little difficult to make, but if you want to put on a coat for the window, people's first choice is also cloth art curtain. However, the modern household is decorated in, more and more people begin to choose the blinds, shutter is used in main place such as sitting room, bedroom, the shutter will be simple and practical perfect confluence is together, and play a good decorative effect, becomes the multitudinous city home decoration.

Venetian blinds are more versatile and versatile. Not only the blades of different textures have made the blinds more expressive, but the "louver" has been further applied to other furniture. Bamboo slice and straw mat weave the Venetian blinds color natural, the material itself gives a person cool feeling, can reduce the temperature of the summer household, and also accord with the idea of fashionable green household now. The blinds of this kind of material are also innovated to make sliding door and cabinet door, maintain ventilated, obstructed the line of sight, obscured the dust. Because of bamboo and grass material light, and not easy to scale deformation, and in line with Chinese traditional and simple household style. In addition, the modern, coarse woolen cloth art curtain has become a new member of the shutters family. The silk and hemp cloth of different colour wraps the leaf of the shutter, feel to go up although feel is rough, but with the window is integrated, give concise space to bring a kind of feeling of pleasing to the eye.

People like to go to the blinds, so how to buy? At present, in building materials supermarket, the variety of shutters has more choice, a salesman told reporters. When choosing, not only should the decision to buy with good and bad, should pay attention to the quality, measure size, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble when using. The leaves of the shutters are an important part of regulating the shutters. When shopping for shutters, it's best to first touch the blinds to see if the blades are smooth and evenly, and see if each blade will get up. In general, the quality of the shutter in the details of the blade has good processing, especially in plastic, wood, bamboo production shutter blades, if the quality is better, so it will be a long service life. The regulating rod is also a key part of the shutter. The control rod of the shutter has two functions, one is to adjust the lifting switch of the shutter, the other is to adjust the Angle of the blade. When inspecting the adjusting rod, the blinds should be hung flat to see whether the lifting switch is smooth, and then turn the regulating rod to see whether the blade's flip is equally flexible.