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What are the material of the shutter?

1. Aluminum alloy shutter aluminum shutter with beautiful energy-saving, concise and neat advantages are also popular with consumers. The Venetian blinds can be fully collected, the scenery outside the window is clear, the window is simple and easy. 
2, color aluminum shutters and electric or manual color aluminum louver, have rich color and pattern choice, can be printed on the blinds pattern, bring home more vibrant scene. The blade of the blinds usually has a good resilience and toughness, which can be adjusted to suitable lighting, and deformation is not easy to be used. The colored aluminum blinds can also block ultraviolet radiation, insulate the sun, and the long hours of sunlight won't fade the colored aluminum blinds. On the installation, the colored aluminum shutter is simple and convenient, without the need of very complicated technology. 

3, real wood shutter ordinary wooden shutter price and the price is the same as the aluminum alloy shutter, the wooden shutter shade much more beautiful, the surface of the wood veneer, look more like real wood shutter, if only emphasize and beautiful adornment effect, this kind of good choice.
4. Plastic shutter: advantages: bright color, good toughness, easy to clean. Disadvantages: the gloss and brightness are weak and easy to corrode.
5. Advantages of plastic aluminum shutter: not discoloration, deformation, good thermal insulation, high concealment. Disadvantages: easy to scrape the flowers, materials hard and easy to hurt people.