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How to install blinds properly

Only understand the decoration knowledge, and deeply understand the decoration knowledge, to win in the decoration of the time, good decoration performance, not to make trouble for home improvement, so we must understand the basic knowledge of home improvement, then the next step is to understand how to correctly install blinds.

The louver blade is an important part of the louver. When the shutters are selected, it is best to touch the smooth and uniform blade of the blinds and see if each blade will be a margin. Generally speaking, the quality of Venetian blinds in the details of the blade processing is better, especially plastic, wood, bamboo pieces of Venetian blinds, if the texture is good, then its service life will be longer.

The design of Venetian blinds is also very exquisite. Blind layout of the living room use, should be chosen with the waterfall landscape pattern, can make people like staying in the poetic surroundings. Decorate the bedroom, generally choose soft color, elegant patterns of plant paintings, still life paintings or geometric patterns, etc., to show a harmonious and warm family atmosphere.

Depending on what material you choose, there are many kinds of blinds. Generally cannot do without leaf quality, with the best imported ladder ladder, not easy to break, a break on the loose. There are two ropes that are the best choice for pulling ropes, which are independent, so that they can protect their children from being entangled while playing