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Bathroom shutters shopping skills

Shutter has been romantic aesthetic feeling, give a person a kind of consumer groups, especially the modern young gens love this kind of simple and easy of decorative building materials, shutters can not only protect the privacy of the interior life, also can adjust indoor daylighting, so many consumers are young gens love between wei yu choose blinds on the adornment of the product, but because of the comparison of good and evil people mixed up of market of window of model steel door, consumer in the process of choose and buy need to buy from what aspects?

The leaves of the shutters are an important part of regulating the shutters. When shopping for shutters, it's best to first touch the blinds to see if the blades are smooth and evenly, and see if each blade will get up. In general, the quality of the shutter in the details of the blade has good processing, especially in plastic, wood, bamboo production shutter blades, if the quality is better, so it will be a long service life. The regulating rod is also a key part of the shutter. The control rod of the shutter has two functions, one is to adjust the lifting switch of the shutter, the other is to adjust the Angle of the blade. When inspecting the adjusting rod, the blinds should be hung flat to see whether the lifting switch is smooth, and then turn the regulating rod to see whether the blade's flip is equally flexible. 
The assembly of the shutters has two kinds of installation methods, such as dark and bright, which need to be measured according to different assembly methods. The louver in the window lattice, its length should be the same height as the window, and the width should be one to two centimeters smaller than the window. If the shutter Ming hang outside the window, then its length is longer than the window height should be about 10 centimeters, width is about 5 cm wider than the window on each side, in order to ensure the good shading effect. Generally speaking, the small room such as kitchen, toilet is suitable for the shutter of dark outfit, and the big room such as sitting room, bedroom, study is more suitable to use the hundred leaf curtain of bright outfit.