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What are the aluminum alloy shutters for maintenance? Do you know?

  • Release on:2017-08-25
Aluminum alloy shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter manufacturer) are widely used today. They are mainly made of aluminum alloys which are not easily rusted. Here, take a look at the characteristics of aluminum alloy shutter and maintenance methods. 

Maintenance method of aluminium alloy shutter
For some alloy curtain hanging on the balcony or the living room or in different rooms, the most vulnerable to dust pollution, so remember to regularly Aluminum Alloy shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter manufacturer) clean of dust, otherwise it will affect its effect, but also affect people's visual effect. 

Maintenance method of aluminium alloy shutter two
Before cleaning first prepare a pair of rubber gloves and line gloves, then wearing a rubber glove hand dipped raised with good detergent, only slightly wet point, to wipe the leaf by leaf on the shutter then, until ready, and then use the same water to wipe the blade with detergent the last line of gloves to wear clean, dry to dry. 

The above simple features and maintenance method introduce the Aluminum Alloy shutters, Aluminum Alloy louver (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter) curtain is relative to other more convenient and more superior performance, service life is longer, so the support and praise by the vast number of consumers in the market.