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Sun blinds and ventilation shutters are all available!

Summer out, people in order to avoid high temperature and UV damage to the skin, began to prepare all kinds of sunscreen. Do you know that the house also needs "sunscreen"? High intensity ultraviolet light will cause indoor products fade, aging, affecting the service life of furniture. 

The Custom color Wooden Shutter in china is shade and airy, and it is attractive and practical. It can adjust the indoor light intensity. It can be said to be the tool of summer shading. The shutter has the double effect of decoration and utility, and is often regarded as a kind of soft decoration in modern house, especially for the simple and lively interior space. 

The Wooden Shutters manufacturer china by changing the blade angle can adjust light and color collocation leaves can create a different light effect for indoor, retractable structure in the sunlight at the same time, also can keep the indoor air circulation, let the sun and shade. 

Every morning, the Vinyl shutters supplier china is turned upside down to avoid the direct glare of the sun, and to let the first rays of the morning sunlight fall into the room along the angle of the blinds. The light is bright and soft. If you set up the blinds in the study or work room, leisure time occasionally rise, through the upturned blade gap, enjoy the scenery outside the window, do not have a lingering charm.