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Wow! Many people don't know the features of aluminium alloy shutters

Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter are widely used today. They are mainly made of aluminum alloys which are not easily rusted. Aluminum blinds are more decorative and more durable than those made from other materials. Now on the market sale of aluminum alloy shutter in ensuring the quality of the premise, more attention to styles of diverse combinations, the following to look at the characteristics of aluminum alloy blinds.

1, aluminum alloy shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china) has excellent light shielding and shading, flexibility, and easy to deformation, can effectively resist ultraviolet light. 

2, aluminum alloy shutter blade, smooth surface, comfortable feel, rich color, good resilience and toughness. 

3. Blinds of aluminium alloy blinds can be manually operated or controlled by the motor. The light is easy to use, and the aluminum shutter can also be printed. There are many different colors and styles to choose from. 

4, aluminum alloy shutter (Vinyl shutters supplier china) for a wide range of applications, when in use, according to their own needs to control light and brightness, it has excellent shading and privacy. 

5, Aluminum Alloy blinds will not fade for a long time in the sun, it adopts heat high reflectivity aluminum blades, reflects most of the sunlight heat, help to improve the air conditionning heat effect, so as to achieve the effects of energy saving and environmental protection.