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This small box can make blinds smarter

The current state of the Internet of Things technology can be described as "I can't think of it, I can't do it." Many interesting gadgets emerge in an endless stream, affecting people's lives in every aspect. For example, Flip Flic, a smart hardware that is being crowdfunded at Kickstarter, can make almost all blinds smart.

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Simply put, Flip Flic is a built-in sensor, wirelessly connected braking device that can be mounted on most blinds for remote control and automated adjustment. Of course, it does not control the louver stretching, but controlling all the blades is not a problem. Installing the Flip Flic is simple because it has a built-in magnet that only needs to be attached to the metal frame above the shutters (for plastic shutters, it is equipped with double-sided tape), and Bluetooth pairing can be achieved by using the QR code on the back of the device or the device. According to Flip Flic, the device can support shutters up to 152 cm in width, and the compatibility is good.

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In terms of applications, Flip Flic may still be under development and its interface and design may be slightly confusing. In terms of functions, manual adjustment is first provided, and the opening and closing of the blades can be easily adjusted through the touch screen. In addition, different modes can be set depending on time, temperature, and light. Of course, Flip Flic's application also has many parts that need to be optimized. It should be simpler and easier to use.

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In terms of compatibility, Flip Flic will support the Zigbee standard, but it is not yet open, so it cannot be linked to devices such as Philips Hue or SmartThings Hub. If this is all perfect after the official launch, the application form of Flip Flic will undoubtedly be more abundant.

Flip Flic's crowdfunding goal at Kickstarter was US$50,000. It raised nearly 80,000 U.S. dollars in just eight days, which is full of market potential. However, the specific shipment time is uncertain.