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The secrets about wood window

More and more people are beginning to choose wooden shutters. In fact, the price of shutters is much higher than those of aluminum alloys and PVC materials. However, why do so many people prefer wooden shutters?

Good insulation performance

Most of the buildings emit heat through windows. According to tests conducted by relevant departments, 40% of the heat in buildings is usually emitted from windows. At the same time, the heat outside the window will also be transmitted to the interior, mainly through the window frame and the window sash, and convection occurs at the seals and crevices of the doors and windows. Since wood is an excellent insulation material, its thermal conductivity is extremely low and it effectively blocks most of the heat.

The structure of the wooden windows is tight, which effectively guarantees higher airtightness and lower leakage of rainwater. Good wood windows can reduce building energy consumption by 15%. In cold winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, and the wooden window effectively reduces the flow of indoor heat. In hot summer days, the interior is generally air-conditioned, and the temperature outside the window is very high. Wooden windows can effectively block outdoor heat.

Good sound insulation

The soundproofing of windows can directly affect the privacy of occupants. Coupled with the traffic noise of modern cities, the soundproofing performance of windows is even more important. Therefore, modern houses and office buildings have very high requirements for the sound insulation performance of windows. Modern high-performance solid wood windows are very sound-insulating and can generally reduce the noise by about 25 dB. If there are special needs, they can further improve the sound insulation performance.

Good appearance and decorative performance

In many building materials, the visual effects and tactile effects of wood are the best. The natural color of wood is pleasant. Different tree species have different styles and colors. Unlike steel windows, aluminum windows, and plastic window, the feeling of cold and cold, it can be Create a very harmonious and pleasant environment.

long lasting

Historically, ancient Chinese wood-framed windows have experienced vicissitudes over the centuries, and they have been preserved ever since. In modern times, in the buildings of the 1950s and 1960s, the windows were basically all wooden, and they are still being used. This fully proves that under the correct structural design, reasonable drying, and anti-corrosion conditions, the windows are often maintained. Repair and paint, wood windows can achieve a long service life.

Since solid wood windows are used in solid wood windows, they are still somewhat expensive. However, if you consider the advantages of solid wood windows, Xiao Bian think wood windows are still a very good choice.

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