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The installation method of the blinds by Wooden blinds supplier

The shutters installed there is a certain skill, belt clip hook installation is relatively simple, as long as the first aluminum blinds clamp the upper edge of the curtain, and the hook part of the fabric curtains hanging on the curtain rail pendant, or put a hook hanging curtain rail, and then use the clip clip fabric curtains.HEZE HuaSheng is a wood blinds factory which can produce many High quality Timber venetian blinds

Blinds installation method

1, the shutter is a new soft family decoration, new building decoration basically will use different from the soft texture of curtains. The blinds leave always use wood, glass, and other materials Aluminum Alloy, because the shutter has to withstand sun, rain and dust erosion, and easy cleaning.

2,In order to clean convenient, we will not install the shutters to choose fixed installation. If the apartment is small or only one or two windows can be opened in a flat way, the seal is very good. The folding mode is suitable for the opening of multiple windows, usually used for partition or floor window.(Custom made Plantation shutter)

3, the shutters can be installed on the wooden side, so that it can make up the irregular windows on both sides or up and down. If the window is a cement, a stone plate or other more difficult to fix the structure of a shutter, it is necessary to make the wood and wall fixed, and then the product is installed on the wood lining.

4, To ensure the effectiveness of shutters installation, it should be in the floor and walls all finished and find a professional person to customize and measure, it should be measured and the reserved size during the construction period, in order to ensure shutter window free movement. Different installation modes require different window depths. 8cm is needed for fixed or flat installation. In addition to considering the width of products, the number of plies should be considered when installation.

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