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The combine of curtains and blinds

The suitable curtains matched with blinds can change the style of the room. They can not only bring enough light but also keep privacy. When choosing curtains and blinds, you'd better focus on style and type of blinds and pay attention to the color and fabric.

Choose the type

Before choosing blinds, you need to know where to install. It is most suitable are vertical blinds with single slats in offices; And In homes, people often use real wood Horizontal wooden blinds due to their convenience for easily lowed and lifted back.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds can make you feel the natural sense.It matches the same style of curtains can produce a scenario of natural.Using wooden blinds alone may be a bit dull.So it is important to know some coloring skills. The wood blinds need to use for matching the color of the others furniture which can suitalbe for the whole decoration style. Most of the wood blinds are brighter. If you don't like the color that is too bright, you can choose some dark curtains or carpets to adjust the overall tone of the room.

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Roller blinds

Unlike wooden Venetian blinds, rolling shutters can be made of various materials. The shutter windows produced by ordinary manufacturers are customized according to the needs of indoor lighting. And shutter windows can use a variety of colors, very easy to match with various styles of home decoration.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are mainly used in French. They are often used in damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms because they are very durable and humid. But they can also be used everywhere in the house.
High quality wooden venetian blinds generally use the primary colors of materials, such as gray, orange, and green. Because they do not use chemical coatings, they are easy to clean.