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Choosing skillfully right blinds for your home decoration

richmor richmor.net 2018-04-28 14:43:13
Step one:Comprehensive understand the blinds

Shutters are sashes that are squashed with wooden slats that open and close the wind and cover the rain. Common types of  beautiful PVC shutters are plastic, aluminum alloy, and wooden shutters. According to the different home space environment, choose different material shutters.

Shutters are available in both concealed and surface mounted installations. The size of the shutters needs to be measured according to different assembly methods. The shutters concealed in the window panes should have the same length of the windows, but the width should be reduced by 1 to 2 centimeters from the left and right of the window.

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The plastic shutters have good toughness, but their gloss and brightness are relatively poor. The plastic aluminum blinds are easy to change color, but they do not fade, do not deform, have good heat insulation effect and high concealment. Therefore, we can choose according to the blinds. The environment considers the material. For example, in the kitchen, toilets and other darker and damper rooms are more suitable for plastic shutters, and the living room, bedroom, study and other large rooms are more suitable for aluminum shutters, more taste.

Step two:Choose the suitable way to open the window

Blinds are mainly installed in four ways, one is fixed, the second is flat open, the third is push-pull, four is folding, shutter installation should also be based on space to choose, in terms of installation, in general, the kitchen, toilet There are concealed blinds in the other rooms, and large rooms such as the living room, bedroom, and study are more suitable for the use of wall-mounted blinds.

If blinds are used as the floor to ceiling windows or partitions, folding blinds are generally recommended. If used as a small window separating the kitchen and living room space, it is recommended to use a flat open type. Ordinarily used in the bathroom for light shielding, push-pull blinds may be selected. This is the smartest way to choose according to different functions.

Step three: 

The first is to look at the quality. When we purchase shutters, it is best to first touch whether the shutter blades are smooth and average, and see if each blade will play rough edges. In general, high-quality blinds are better handled in the details of the blade, especially the blinds made of plastic, wood, bamboo, if the texture is good, then its service life will be longer.

Second, look at the flatness and evenness of the leaf window, see if the gaps between the leaves are the same and if there is any discoloration, discoloration, or obvious color difference in the leaves (both sides must be carefully examined).

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Three to see the accessories adjustment rod, blinds adjustment rod has two roles, one is to adjust the blinds lift switch, the other is to adjust the angle of the blade. When overhauling the adjustment lever, first pull the blinds flat and check to see if the lifting switch is smooth and then scroll the adjustment lever to see if the turning of the blades is also flexible.

In addition to looking at the quality of shutter components, it is also necessary to look at the degree of matching of the shutters with the color and style of the space. Therefore, the fourth point must look at the appearance of the shutters. Choosing shutters that harmonize with the color and texture of your home space can increase the beauty of your home.