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Shutters are the best

Use shutters to create a textured home space, embrace the sun, and embrace the wind

Shutters are a style of windows, originated in China. In ancient Chinese architecture, straight bars are called straight windows and horizontal bars are called sleep windows. Among them, the sleeper window is the original style of the shutter.

Modern shutters were invented by the Americans and named John Hampson and obtained the invention patent on August 21, 1841.

Shutters(Wooden blinds supplier), windows with shutters, are relatively wide, and are generally used for indoor and outdoor shade and ventilation.

Venetian blinds(Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds), similar to curtains, have small blades that can be folded. What we see in our daily lives looks like more blinds.

Beautiful and energy-saving
Shutters, blinds can be completely retracted, the scenery outside the window is unobstructed, and the windows are simple and elegant.

Light adjustment
By adjusting the direction of the blade, it is possible to easily control the injection of light while effectively blocking the UV rays and protecting the furniture against the effects of UV rays.

privacy protection
The obstructed direction of the blade is used to block the outside sight, so that the inside and outside of the house are completely isolated and the privacy of the family is effectively protected.

For high-humidity bathrooms and kitchens, blinds/shutter doors are a good choice. The characteristics of the vanes in the blades allow the blinds to be ventilated while the light is blocked, and the water vapor can quickly evaporate. 

Thermal insulation
Hard blinds are very sound proof, like an extra layer of windows, and can be used in the bedroom to facilitate the owner's sleep.

Winter and summer cool
Blinds can help control the temperature in the room, block air conditioning in winter, isolate heat in summer, and achieve the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

In summary, the biggest feature of blinds and blinds is light penetration, which can not only adjust the indoor light and darkness, but also provide good ventilation performance, so that the air can be better circulated.

However, the use of a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some dust on the surface, so how to clean the blinds and blinds? 


Sweep with a cloth or brush at ordinary times, wipe with a damp cotton cloth at intervals, or thoroughly clean with a detergent.
Some of the tracks are glued, and care should be taken not to infiltrate such tracks and shafts. 

Moreover, Shutter are easier to fade due to the material and painting, and care must be taken not to expose them.

Venetian blinds (High quality Wooden venetian blinds)

1. The curtains have been hanging for a long time. Dust, mold and other allergens are easy to hide on them. Especially families with allergic rhinitis and asthma patients should be careful. For health reasons, curtains should be cleaned at least once every three months. In the spring and summer, since windows are often opened, it is best to wash once every two months.

2. Different styles of curtains have different washing methods. In order to ensure the service life of the curtains, they must be “fit to seat” during cleaning.

3. Man-made fiber curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, and can also be washed or machine-washed with a neutral detergent in a conventional manner.

4. Suede curtains have a strong suction power and can be cleaned with vacuum cleaners. When dismantling and washing, it is best to shake off the dust on the surface and then soak it in warm water with detergent for 15 minutes. Left and right; should not be forced to twist, so as not to fluff off, it is recommended to gently press; wash on an oblique shelf, drain water; do not directly in the sun exposure.

5. When the roller blinds are cleaned, close the windows first, spray a proper amount of clean water, and then wipe with a cotton cloth; if the curtains are dirty, use warm water to dissolve some of the detergent, wipe with a cotton cloth, and then dry it; you can also spray some polishing agent to make the blinds Keep it clean for a long time.

6. Finally, after the curtains are cleaned, they should not be dehydrated and dried, but should be dried naturally to avoid damaging their texture. Special material curtains should be sent to the dry cleaners for washing to prevent deformation.