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Aluminum shutters

Aluminum shutters(Plantation shutter china) mainly made of aluminum alloy processing, durable and often new, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, sunshade, heat insulation, breathable fire and other characteristics, used for offices, rooms, hotels, villas and other places.

Aluminum shutters features:
1.good philosophical and modern streamline visual enjoyment;
2.the surface of the leaves bright, side hole design, shading rate up to 98%;
3.moisture is not moldy, can be placed in a humid environment;
4.the use of anti-UV materials, indoor energy-saving more effective;
5.does not contain formaldehyde, waterproof insulation, does not help combustion, does not fade, heat deformation

Aluminum shutters installation:
1.Fixed installation code, all installation code must be in front and back, up and down direction on the same line, the cross-sectional width of the curtain box must be greater than 90mm;
2.The aluminum blinds installation code slider pushed to the end;
3.Push the louver, turn and turn the louver; if the horizontal and vertical louvers are to be stowed, they must first be turned to the vertical wall and then pulled up;
4.The product is linked to the top slider, the slider automatically slides out under the action of the spring;
5.The installation: shutters easy to install, mainly two screws to install the box, and then put the track can be used; installation and installation box 4 holes, can be installed on both sides, side mounted wall, top equipment.