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Matters needing attention in choosing blinds

First, we should pay attention to the specifications of the blinds. Flush mounted blinds (Ready made Wooden blinds on sale) the length of the same height and width than the window, and a narrow window around each cm; blinds installed length than the window height is 10 cm long left and right, width ratio the windows on each side about 5 cm wide. Generally speaking, the small room is suitable for the blind blinds, and the large room is suitable for the Venetian blinds.

In addition, it is worth noting that the different formats of the window should be fitted with different shades of blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds). If the window is vertical blinds in general, general is optional; if the window shutter can be used, it would be a harmonious collocation, and consistent, beautiful and decent.

In the blinds the color and pattern choice, should take into account the collocation and bedroom decoration style and color, can also be combined with personal preferences, showing a warm and harmonious atmosphere, make the bedroom elegant and conform to no conventional pattern. The above bedroom blinds curtain effect diagram only for everyone as a reference, specific decoration scheme please refer to their respective circumstances for the design. wood blinds factory