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What problems should we pay attention to in choosing curtain?

Speaking of the curtain, I believe we are not unfamiliar, it is soft decoration often seen in our life, the blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) fixed and movable type two, which consists of many sections connected with folding, use not only has ventilation, shading and noise, but also can cool shade, the living room decoration.

Before the purchase, it is best to first understand what is now suitable for family use the curtain type and characteristics, uses and trends, and then according to the structure and personality living taste make purchase plan, in order to quickly and accurately find the most suitable for the goods.

Choose curtains not only practical, but also the pursuit of perfect unity of vision. If the living room of the fabric should be highly decorative and appreciation, the choice to luxurious atmosphere, crystal lamps and marble lamp or streamer, equipped with European (European style decoration renderings) cotton velvet curtains, hook flower applique or choose the inner yarn curtain, filling the elegant and refined, classical (classical decoration effect figure) and modern (modern decoration renderings) mastery of the extraordinary temperament; in addition, can also choose other iron lamps variety, colorful, and affordable, and collocation of fresh and elegant decoration, express your pursuit of fashion style and the strong modern breath.

The light in the bedroom in the dark circumstances to choose soft, curtains should adopt the shading effect of good insulation and heavy velvet cloth, to personalize the peculiar shape of the lamp, warm small lamp to create the bedroom warm, romantic and some mysterious atmosphere.