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Matters needing attention in choosing curtains

1, some of the curtains on the measurement precision is high, customers are advised to measured after completion of flooring, tiles, windows and marble laying.

2, the color of the window screen is lighter, but the perspective is too strong, you can add a layer of cloth after the screen. According to their own needs, can be done together, can also be separated.

The price of 3, double curtain rod rod will double, so if only the selection window, can put two layers of cloth together, Guadan bar on the line, saving costs, and does not affect the appearance.

4, when calculating the total, must confirm with the merchant whether all the cloth, accessories, track, etc., otherwise, after paying the deposit, it may also receive something less than the number of calls.

5, the curtain produces little dust, users need not worry about cleaning problems caused by installation. Taking into account the curtain cloth curtain installation time should be clean, after decorating the room complete. But considering the design and production of curtains need a certain amount of time, in order to be able to timely and comfortable occupancy, preferably 15 days ahead of customization.