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How to maintain Venetian blinds? What is the quality of Venetian blinds?

Curtains are the most commonly used soft decoration in our daily life. In recent years, the types of curtains are more and more. All kinds of curtains can meet the different needs of people. So, for today's very popular must be Venetian blinds (Hot sell Wood blinds), but everyone knows that Venetian blinds maintenance is not appropriate, it is easy to become durable, today for you to introduce the maintenance of Venetian blinds.

1, different textures have different methods of washing, cleaning, should be the "seats" in order to ensure the service life of the Venetian blinds (Best Paulownia wood slats in china).

2, cotton, linen blinds can be directly into the washing machine cleaning; in addition to the use of washing powder, the best add fabric softener, can let the curtains washed more supple and smooth; easy to shrink the fabric should be dry.

3, strong suede blinds (Finger jointed slats blinds wholesales) the dust suction force, usually available to the cleaner; and when the best go to the outdoor shake, shake off the dust attached to the surface, and then into the solution of detergent in warm water soak 15 minutes; avoid twisting force, so as to avoid hair loss, suggest that the light pressure gently wash after wash; on the inclined frame, drain water; don't LED display direct sunlight.