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What is the quality of Venetian blinds?

Bamboo blinds material generally refers to the finest selection of bamboo or wood material to create a shutter blade, the wood blinds design very exquisite, the first wood quality, after steam drying, sterilization, cutting, sorting, painting and other dozens of procedures and the fine processing. The wooden Venetian blinds (Ready made Wooden blinds on sale) are similar in color to the traditional wooden material, and bring a sense of exposure to nature. Wooden Venetian blinds, the design style of ancient elegant, full of rich scholarly flavor, suitable for high-end restaurants, art galleries, homes and other places.

Aluminum blinds mainly uses Aluminum Alloy material to create a shutter blade, the shutter material design is more simple, Aluminum Alloy blinds can adjust the light, improve visual comfort, improve the indoor air circulation, improve the main function of thermal comfort, enhance privacy, energy saving. The curtain is made of high quality material with good elasticity, high strength and not easy to deform. Pinhole blinds (High quality Timber Blinds supplier) are processed with special technology to ensure uniform opening and transparent effect.

The glass partition blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) is also a hollow window, which is a traditional sun shading product. The hollow shutter material design using magnetic control shutter glass, can easily lift or rotate, the glass partition shutter product design saves space and achieve the sun shading effect, can protect privacy, reducing the noise. Hollow louver glass is widely used in civil buildings, office buildings, villas, public buildings and other buildings.