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Benefits and maintenance of wooden Venetian blinds

  • Release on:2017-10-31
In daily life, wooden Venetian blinds (Ready made Wooden blinds on sale) are very popular, the product quality is also very worthy of trust, then wooden blinds benefits? How to clean and maintain wooden Venetian blinds? What's the latest offer for wood blinds? Here's an introduction.

The benefits of wood Venetian blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) and maintenance clean 1: wooden Venetian blinds have the elegant style of the ancient park. It is suitable for family room and office space. Grease regularly with imported silicon light oil injection lock, ensure the smooth use of blinds.

The benefits of wood Venetian blinds and maintenance clean 2: often pull wood blinds, can reduce dust accumulation scale. Remove dust on the blade with a feather duster, such as dirt, available towel dipped% alcohol or toluene 75 to gently wipe the wooden blinds.

The benefits of wood Venetian blinds (Wooden venetian blinds supplier) and maintenance clean 3: Wood Venetian blinds suitable for all kinds of climatic characteristics, both north and South are suitable. Wooden Venetian blinds are forbidden to use in too humid places, strictly operate according to the use method, can not be forced to fold. Otherwise, it will affect the service life of wooden Venetian blinds.