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How to make the best effect blinds

American style, classic, country style, in these popular style, often applied to the shutter, in fact, the blinds (High quality Timber venetian blinds) with a variety of materials and styles, how to choose, in order to achieve practical and beautiful effect?

The shutters by material to distinguish, blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) can be divided into: wood, aluminum, plastic, in different places, can choose the resistance to moisture, anti mite shutter, besides artistic features, it has light weight, easy operation, easy to clean, these are the public choice blinds reason.

In addition, functional surface, blinds (Ready made Wooden blinds on sale), turn a little leaf, able to control the light, ventilation, ventilation effect, also can be combined with the outdoor landscape; opening and closing leaf, can maintain indoor privacy, whether residential or rest are building opportunities can use blinds.

In accordance with the form of space, you can choose different shutter style, mainly can be divided into flat open, push and pull, folding, French window and other styles. In the case of large enough space, you can choose to fold or flat open shutter; conversely, small space can be re elected push and pull style shutter shape.