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The looming blinds, do you understand?

In the choice of curtain, shutter (Shutter components supplier china) and ordinary cloth curtain compared to have many unique advantages.

1, use blinds hidden often home appliances: living room air conditioner installation, air conditioning to become a part of the interior harmony, is a practical problem that many people will encounter in the decoration. The practice is to make a niche for the air conditioner, with a blind outside, and when you use it, open the shutter and close the shutter when you don't use it, so the air conditioner becomes a part of the house.

2, the shutter (Poplar wood shutter components china) revealed a happy feeling: occasionally a night to a friend's house, came to the apartment surrounded by small garden. Looking up, my friend's house was very conspicuous with shutters. Almost all of the other curtains were made of cloth, revealing light or dark, and the light from the blinds was not only cluttered, mysterious, but a little happy.

3, adjust the light with the shutter (Custom made Plantation shutter): in the minds of ordinary people, the only way to regulate the sunlight in the house is the curtain, which is not really the case. It's a good way to learn the lifestyle of foreign people and customize blinds. The advantage of the shutter is that the light in the room can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the window and the window, and the shutter is practical and beautiful, and the expenses of the curtain are saved.