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Advantages of high quality plastic windows

Compared with wood windows, windows, windows, windows, windows insulation effect and noise reduction function should be higher than 30%, steel window in the material, in addition to a small amount of metal and glass parts, mainly rigid PVC specially formulated (PVC) material, has the following advantages: 

Thermal insulation and energy saving
PVC plastic heat transfer coefficient is very small, only 1/357 of steel, aluminum 1/1250. Plastic windows to dissipate energy housing only Gangchuang lost energy 26%, Aluminum Alloy energy windows lost 30%, with good insulation performance; in addition, the widespread use of plastic steel windows for the country to save wood, aluminum, steel materials, energy consumption and production of the same weight PVC profile is 1/45 of the steel, aluminum 1/8. 

Air tightness 

Plastic window adopts multilayer seal design, its air tightness is much higher than aluminum alloy window, and PVC type surface is smooth, not easy to stick dirt, dirt, dustproof effect is excellent.
Water tightness 

Plastic profile has a unique multi cavity structure, with independent drainage cavity, whether it is frame or fan water can be effectively discharged.
Wind pressure resistance 

In separate plastic cavity, can fill in 2 -3mm thick steel, can choose the rib thickness and profile series according to the local wind pressure value, the height of the building, hole size, window type design, to ensure that the requirements for building windows. General high-rise building can choose large section sliding window or inner casement window, the wind resistance intensity can reach level one or special grade, low floor building can choose outer casement window or small section sliding window, the resistance wind pressure intensity is generally at three grade.
acoustical insulation 

The plastic steel section bar has good sound insulation effect, the plastic steel window is made of extrusion, and the double-layer vacuum glass has a sound insulation effect of more than 30 decibels, which is especially suitable for the downtown area where the noise is seriously disturbed and needs a quiet place.