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Learn about high quality plastic windows

Decoration season, many owners in the choice of plastic windows (Custom made Plantation shutter )when confused. The plastic steel window is the fourth generation of energy-saving window after the wooden windows, windows, windows, because of its beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance and other advantages, more and more people of all ages. However, due to the rapid development of the market led to the quality of plastic steel windows (Fire-proof PVC venetian blinds) on the market, consumers are not sure of the situation, it is easy to be deceived. Therefore, we must fully understand the plastic steel window, in order to bring convenience to life. 

Is a plastic steel window vinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, add a certain proportion of the stabilizer, colorants, fillers, UV absorbent, extruded material, and then through cutting, welding or screwed to the window (Light weight PVC slats manufacturer china ) frame is made, which is top, sealant, hardware and so on, at the same time to strengthen profiles of the rigid, over a certain length of the inner cavity of the profile to add steel (reinforcement), this made the window, called windows.
Effect of building doors and windows on the building energy consumption has three main points: one is the indoor and outdoor temperature difference of heat transfer window heat transfer coefficient influence the winter heating, summer air conditioning; two doors and windows is affected by solar radiation caused by indoor temperature change; three is due to poor sealing doors and windows to indoor and outdoor hot and cold air exchange caused by energy consumption.

 In winter, the solar radiation into the room through the window in favor of building energy saving, should try to increase the solar radiation into the interior of the heat; in the summer, the solar radiation heat into the room through the window as air conditioning load factors, should be minimized. To achieve the above objectives, reducing the window temperature difference, heat transfer, and improve the sealing of the window are important and effective measures.