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Improvement of the house with blinds or curtains better?

Shutters have always been used on a larger scale in public spaces and in the office, but with the modern pursuit of simplicity, quality of life, slats also more and more families to accept love, no matter what type of decoration style, shutters can be super Joker, warm and cozy, but annoying, simple shutter light and shadow can be the best decoration at home.
Blind leaves generally use wood, plastic, glass and aluminum and other materials, the main feature is that the degree of light and shadow can automatically adjust the room to achieve better air circulation.
Unlike the past, the current blinds in appearance, simple and elegant, material stress, mainly light colored, mostly white, it seems that the whole room is very bright, but also to improve the style of the whole room.
Curtains of the swing make the indoor life implicit, while the design with the shutters stacked ensures the privacy of the house.

Which types of shutter are the best?
1. Horizontal blinds
For: living room, study room, balcony and so on.
The horizontal blinds adjust the blinds on the rotating rods to control the light in the room. The drawcord can adjust the movements of the blinds and adjust the position of the blinds. The appearance of the blinds is simple and the installation and disassembly are relatively simple. The shadow and heat insulation effect is good. Some products can also shield the ultraviolet rays.

2. Foldable shutters
Suitable for: toilets, kitchens, balconies, waterproof and light texture.
Roman blinds need only to pull on the lifting rope, the curtain can stay at any height. It has better light effects, mostly aluminum or PVC.

3. Roller shutters
Apply to: study, bedroom
Roller blinds according to different fabric properties, can be divided into awning, sunshade, shade screen, by the choice of fabric to meet the different needs of the living room. According to the method can be divided into: zipper, elastic shutter and electric shutter.

4. Vertical blinds
Applies to: living room
Vertical blinds curtain drape vertically, smooth, evenly distributed, neat and tidy lines, decorative effect is very good, cloth vertical curtain with moisture, water, corrosion and so on.