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What to look for when installing shutters

1.Blade punching can not be broken or punching a burr.

2.Should pay attention to sanding leaves evenly, in particular, not easy sanding leaves on both sides, resulting in rough on both sides.

3.As a result of the use of different wood, produce different wood, paint coloring difficult, color is not easy to grasp, usually by the proofing, to provide the depth / depth of the range for the customer to confirm, and must be kept with the same leaf trimmer More accurate.

4.Pay attention to the blade thickness and length of the finished product of the number of leaves to prevent the factory cut corners.

5.camber is particularly important, can not exceed 12 degrees, to prevent deformation of the blade.

6.The whole window should pay attention to the straightness of each leaf, not bend or banana-shaped deformation, both positive / negative repeatedly checked.

7.Throughout the whole window when the film is worn from top to bottom, in order to adjust the color light / medium / deep, especially the middle part of the entire window is important.