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Blinds - ecological home decoration

Various kinds of potted plants and trees are arranged inside. Indoor flowers, fish in the pool, shrimp play. It not only beautifies the living room, but also is filled with natural interest. According to the industry, at the moment, the ecological decoration, like this, has become a new fashion for many families to decorate.

As a relatively closed space Home Furnishing, air can move only in very infinite space, a lot of wooden shutters finally evolved into a corner of the shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, purify indoor source, thereby affecting the well-being of their families. For example, in the bathroom, under the condition of poor ventilation and warm humid environment at a long time, the pool and other places easily become the hotbed of bacteria. All these rooms are purified with the air distribution. The family's sofa covers, carpets, and wallpaper also easily reproduce the mites, and have the ability to become hidden killers in the house.

So a little decoration company launched an ecological decoration according to customer needs. When asked for the designer's design, he specially considered the elements of space ventilation, indoor green animal placement, indoor and outdoor space extension and other factors. And even the central air conditioning system that purify the indoor clean air and the all-purpose louver, which is good for ventilation and lighting, even if the price is high, there is family fragmentary in a few high-grade solid Venetian blinds.

Returning to nature is a longing for the heart of the city. Nowadays, many people are already satisfied with a few flowered flowers and flowers, but the pursuit of a stronger, more authentic natural atmosphere. So a few villas, have only in public places can see the simulation of a rockery, quartzite, waterfalls and stone and other decorative materials by the continuous introduction of Home Furnishing decoration.

Garden, Roof garden, and terrace landscape, even families living in ordinary buildings have also introduced garden landscape in their living rooms.

According to a decoration company responsible person said, in recent years, with the blind people live for improvement, many owners will request the designer decoration in the room with wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other natural materials to create natural, simple and vulgar atmosphere in the decoration, now this trend is returning to nature getting fresh, home gardening will be critical to the future of horticultural enterprises to seize the market.