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How should the blind fittings be cleaned

The blinds fitting themselves are used as a mold - based aluminum product to polish them into paint with reflective and protective functions. The economical and effective size for the aluminum shutter parts of the aluminum injection mold should be 27cm in width. The shutter accessories should be fixed to a certain position so that they can be rotated at a certain angle. Today we are talking about the cleaning of the shutters.

1.The curtain on the blind hangs for a long time. Dust, mould and other allergens are easy to hide on it, especially those with allergic rhinitis and asthma. According to health thinking, the window cloth should be cleaned every three months. In spring or summer, it is best to wash every two months because of the window.

2.Not the same as the texture of the curtain are not the same as washing way, when washing "seats", in order to ensure the service life of the window cloth. This material is cotton and hemp curtains can directly into the washing machine cleaning; in addition to the use of washing powder, the best in a small amount of clothing complaisant agent, can make the window cloth wash more complaisant, flat; simple shrink fabric should be dry.

3.Artificial fiber window cloth can be scrubbed with wet cloth, and it can also be washed or washed with neutral scrubbing agent according to customary way.

4.the window cleaner stronger suede cloth, usually by a cleaner cleaning; and best first field shake, shake off the dust attached to the surface, then add the detergent solution soak in warm water for about 15 minutes; avoid to wring, avoid fluff falling, advocate the use of lightly pressure washing; after the wash on the inclined frame, drain water; do not expose to the sun directly in the sun.

5.Blind fittings are usually washed with wet cotton cloth. Once a month, they are completely cleaned once a month, and a small amount of scrubbing agents can be washed in one direction by leaf. Because of the reasons of raw materials and painting, louvers are relatively simple and fade.

Blind fitting cleaning is very important step to use the blinds, because of its long time exposed to the weather by dust, if you do not pay attention to clean it will bring great risks to their health, but also through the above small introduction, you will find clean blinds is really a very simple thing.