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Home fashion -- shutter

However, the modern Home Furnishing decoration, more and more people begin to choose the shutters, blinds (Wooden venetian blinds supplier) are used in the living room, bedroom and other main places, the shutters will be simple and practical perfect together, and played a good role in decoration, as many urban families decoration choice. 

Recently, our city building materials market found that this year's market shutter (High quality Timber venetian blinds) style is more varied. Or gorgeous, or rough, or lovely, or elegant, diversified materials, so that the shutter has a more vivid form, but also so that more and more consumers in our city like it. 

This summer, the shutter (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds ) style and use of new products are more diversified. Not only the leaves of different textures make the shutter have a more vivid form, but also the form of "shutter" is further applied to other furniture. The natural color of bamboo blinds and woven mats, material itself gives a cool feeling, can reduce Home Furnishing summer temperatures, but also in line with the now popular green Home Furnishing concept. 

In the market this summer, this kind of material shutter is also used as a sliding door and door. It not only keeps the ventilation, but also blocks the view and covers the dust. The bamboo mats and light material, and is not easy to deformation, and consistent with the traditional and simple style Home Furnishing Chinese. In addition, the modern sense of coarse woolen cloth, curtains have become a new member of the Venetian family. Different colors of silk, linen and cloth wrapped in Venetian blinds, which feel rough and yet merge with the blinds, give a brief sense of space.