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Balcony + blinds, room lighting for your tune

Speaking of the curtain, we first thought is the home of the big stupid curtain, yes, but in fact there are many kinds of curtains ah, in addition, there are shutters, blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) is very good for regulation of the light, the room lighting also has a good effect. 

Now to the overall style of the decoration is good and improve the standard of living, many families will choose to install the shutters on the balcony, so compared with the traditional fabric curtains, blinds what are the advantages? 

Adjust the light: because of the curtain blade louver is active, so can adjust the blade to adjust the intensity of light, light balcony is the most intense, you can adjust the light intensity of this function is not the curtain. So it's good to install blinds (Wooden venetian blinds supplier ) on the balcony. 

Ventilation noise: and compared to the traditional curtains, blinds (High quality Timber venetian blinds ) ventilation and sound insulation effect is relatively good, and under strong sunlight irradiation, good shading is a very important thing, in the summer, you will be very glad that the shutter can be tightly block the sun in the window. 

Convenient cleaning: also, washing curtains as people know, the cleaning cloth curtain is a big project, put down the curtain cloth, and then into the washing machine, after washing out to dry up, the whole process will be very tired. But the blinds, as long as the above spray cleaning agent, and then wipe with a cloth can, without disassembly, no fade, so small that the balcony or the blind.