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Share blinds blinds, advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Venetian blinds:
1, beautiful and concise. The blind (High quality Timber Blinds supplier) curtain can be completely folded or lowered by the control of the rope, and the size is one to one, and the window is simple and generous. It's obviously much better visually than the fabric curtains that need to take up most of the window, and the blinds won't fade or discolor.

2, free adjustment. The free access of the blind curtain is very high, and the injection and occlusion of the light can be controlled by regulating the angle of the blade at random, so as to exist in the most suitable state and position.

3, cool in summer and warm in winter. Now Venetian blinds (oem selling Wooden blinds in china) are basically made of materials with good thermal insulation properties. They can withstand some summer heat and winter cold, and play a role in controlling indoor temperature.

4, protect privacy. The Venetian blinds prevent the outside vision by displaying the blades in a concave and convex shape. As a result, the lighting at the same time, not only blocked outside the line of sight from top to bottom, even at night blade convex surface facing the interior of the shadow, does not reflect the significant to the outside.

Disadvantages of Venetian blinds:
1, lack of occlusion function. Because each leaf of the blind curtain is not closely connected, there is a gap between the middle and the periphery, and it may be blocked at some angle.

2, decorative function is weak. No matter what material the blinds (Cut-downReal wood blinds wholesales) use, the decorative visual effect is not as good as that of the colorful curtain.

3, cleaning more troublesome. The blind curtain is composed of one piece of shutter. These leaves are easy to dust after long time use. Cleaning and wiping are troublesome.
The above is the blind blinds for the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages, I hope all of you can help. In fact, no matter what you choose before, you can have a general idea of it and make you make the right choice.