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Some of the shutter selection skills and scope of application and installation points


First, look at the quality
The shutter (Painting PVC shutter components) blade is an important part of the shutter. When buying blinds, it is better to have a touch of the shutter to see if the leaves are smooth and uniform to see if each of the blades has a rough edge. In general, the quality of the shutter in the details of the blade to deal with better, especially plastic, wood block, bamboo leaves made of Venetian blade, if the texture is good, then its service life will be longer.

The regulating bar is also a part of the shutter that needs to be examined. The adjusting lever of the shutter (Aluminum shutter components) has two functions, one is to adjust the shutter switch, and the other is to adjust the angle of the blade. When checking the adjusting lever, first, the shutter is hung flat to test whether the lifting switch is smooth or not, then turn the adjusting lever to see whether the overturning of the blade is equally flexible.

Two, measurement size
The shutter (Shutter components supplier china) assembly has two installation methods: dark and bright. The size of the shutter should be measured according to different assembly methods. The shutters concealed on the window lattice, its length should be the same height and width of the window, but the window than on both sides of the narrow 1 to 2 cm. If the blinds are hung outside the window, the length should be about 10 centimeters longer than the window height, and the width is about 5 cm wider than the window sides to ensure that it has a good shade effect. Generally speaking, kitchen, toilet and other small rooms suitable for blind blinds, and the living room, bedroom, study room is more suitable for the use of bright blinds.