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Shutter cleaning methods and matters needing attention

Hot summer, we often in a closed air-conditioned room to stay long, so in the home or cool weather in the morning, we need to open the window and air, then to a lot of problems, involving lighting, ventilation, mosquito, beautiful appearance, comprehensive comparison, blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) win.

Method for cleaning venetian blind
1, this method is mainly for the blinds (Hot sell Wood blinds) or hanging on the balcony of the living room and the room for friends, so it blinds the biggest problem is the dust, so the easiest way is to just regularly with a feather duster to dust off the line, but you have to remember that is often dust!

2. First pour the right amount of detergent into the large enough cleaning tank, then dip the Venetian blind into it. After adhering to the leaves of dust, oil dissolved, and then rinse with water again and again. The final step is to thoroughly dry each leaf!

3, when cleaning the blinds (oem selling Wooden blinds in china), wear a pair of rubber gloves, and then wear a pair of line gloves (or cloth gloves), and then dip the hands up with the good detergent (pay attention not to soak too wet), a leaf to wipe. After wiping, again with the same way, repeatedly with clean water, with detergent leaves clean. Finally, on the line to dry wear gloves.