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How do parents choose a child's bedroom door?(1)

Now the parents give their children buy furniture thought to spend more, from the decoration of the house began to choose stage to the final choice of furniture, decorations, are not the effect, is a more important aspect of children's room bedroom door ( Custom painting color Vinyl shutters ), then the children's room to the bedroom door choice should pay attention to what?

safety precautions, children's bedroom door security is second important factors to choose. In order to prevent children from accidental collision, choose the bedroom door, should pay attention to minimize the use of convex decoration and water chestnut; metal door should avoid sharp and sharp, and pay attention to whether the door ( oem Shutter components in china ) lock is easy. For families, infants can improve the safety of children, buy door locks, shields, safety valves and other products.

sound, the healthy growth of children is good enough sleep is very important, choose a good sound insulation effect, the bedroom door ( Gesso primed Paulownia wood shutter components ), can not only bring the child to a quiet dream, can also be a good learning environment for children. Therefore, the choice of the bedroom door, you need to pay special attention to this index insulation, such as the choice of solid wood doors, should be selected materials intensive solid wood door, door core is more compact, better sound insulation effect.