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How do parents choose a child's bedroom door?(2)

Now the parents give their children buy furniture thought to spend more, from the decoration of the house began to choose stage to the final choice of furniture, decorations, are not the effect, is a more important aspect of children's room bedroom door (Gesso primed Paulownia wood shutter components ), then the children's room to the bedroom door choice should pay attention to what?

Privacy, children grow up to a certain age, need relatively independent space, do not like to be disturbed, that is to say, children's room should have a comparison. Strive to become the first to bear the brunt of the bedroom door, the children's bedroom door choice, should choose the entire closed face, avoid buying the bedroom door (oem Shutter components in china ) on the transparent glass window. Close the door, children's room is a small world for children, help children grow up independently.

Decoration, bedroom door choice, not only to consider the function of the door, but also need to take into account with the overall style of collocation, especially children's room door (OEM Plantation shutter in china)choice, door decoration effect, the door of space. Therefore, when choosing and buying a piece of wood, pay attention to avoid choosing a more rigorous style, you can choose the style is more lively and more beautiful door.