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Good ventilation performance, shutter worthy of your favor

In life, blinds have been everywhere, in the home is also a place. The shutter is a window sash made of wooden slats, which is bent into a scaly surface to open, close, ventilate and cover the rain. The common types of blinds are plastic, aluminum and wooden blinds, three types. According to the different home space environment, choose different shades of the shutter ( Wooden blinds supplier china ).

There are two kinds of installation methods for blind ( Wooden blinds supplier china ) and blind installation. The size of the shutter should be measured according to different assembly methods. The shutters concealed on the window lattice, its length should be the same height and width than the windows, but the windows around the narrow 1~2 cm.

If the blinds ( High quality Wooden venetian blinds ) are hung outside the window, the length should be about 10 centimeters longer than the window height, and the width is about 5 cm wider than the window sides to ensure that it has a good shade effect. Generally speaking, kitchen, toilet and other small rooms suitable for blind blinds, and the living room, bedroom, study room is more suitable for the use of bright blinds.