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98% do not know the shutter buying skills

The shutters of the ventilation performance is good, can adjust indoor light intensity and favored by consumers, choose this product when we should pay attention to some selected tips, so we can help you to choose the suitable Home Furnishing the shutters (Wooden blinds supplier china ).

1, shutter quality

First, look at the quality of the shutter (High quality Wooden venetian blinds ), it is best to first touch the shutter blade is smooth, average to see if each blade will flash. In general, the quality of the shutter in the details of the blade to deal with better, especially plastic, wood block, bamboo leaves made of Venetian blade, if the texture is good, then its service life will be longer.

2, the smoothness of the shutter

Two look at the smoothness and evenness of the leaf and window, see whether the gaps between the blades are identical, whether the leaves are fading, discolored or obvious color difference (both sides should be examined carefully).

3, accessories flexibility

Three, see the accessories adjustment lever, shutter (Wooden blinds supplier china ) adjustment rod has two functions, one is to adjust the shutter lifting switch, and the other is to adjust the blade angle. When the lever is adjusted, the shutter is hung flat to test whether the lifting switch is smooth or not, and then the scroll bar is adjusted to see whether the overturning of the blade is equally flexible.

4, appearance color

In addition to looking at the quality of the blinds, they also need to see how the blinds match up with space, color and style, so the blinds must be looked at at fourth. Choose the blinds that blend with your home space colors and textures to enhance the beauty of your home.