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The looming blinds, do you understand?

Blinds are a popular item in recent years, but because of its special structure, many people do not understand the characteristics of the blinds (Basswood Blinds components on sale ), the role of cleaning is not knowing.

Compared with ordinary cloth curtain, the shutter can flexibly adjust the blade, and has the function of the curtain. In the shade, the blinds can resist ultraviolet radiation, can adjust the indoor light; in ventilation, blinds fixed installation and thick texture, can relax and enjoy the cool breeze and no other concerns; the curtain 's indoor life is hidden when the window design, the shutter is laminated coating layer to ensure the confidentiality of Home Furnishing; in addition, the blinds (Wood grain Aluminum shutter components) completely closed as a window, can play the role of sound insulation.

Different from the soft texture of the curtain, the shutter blades are made of wood, glass and aluminum alloy, so they can resist sunlight, wind and rain, dust erosion, and easy to clean. Shutters on the market, or slender, gorgeous, or rugged. The overall arrangement of the horizontal lines show the style and warmth of the graphic beauty, through the light regulation, blinds (Aluminum shutter components ) can also bring about changes to the sense of modern compact space, a variety of color choices makes shutter and decoration style.