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Life interesting discovery, teach you how to manually customize the shutters

Because the blinds (Best selling Wooden blinds components) can always open and close, can switch back and forth between privacy and the public, by consumers, decoration company in Xingcheng today Xiaobian to introduce how to craft custom blinds.

Teach you to manually install blinds (Basswood Blinds components on sale) - Installation Methods
A, fixed way, if the shutter is fixed, it will bring inconvenience to cleaning the window glass, generally do not choose fixed installation. B, flat opening has the characteristics of good sealing, suitable for small windows or single fan, two window installation. The C and push pull mode takes less space and is suitable for the installation of general windows. D, folding method is suitable for opening more windows, usually for partition or French window.

Teach you to manually set up blinds – blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds), window frames, built-in measuring methods

The curtains covered on the outside the window frame, the window width in the actual width and one hundred mm in height; the actual height of windows plus one hundred and twenty mm. Users should reserve space between the window and curtain so as to avoid the window switch affecting the normal operation of the curtain.

Teach you to order blinds by hand - make sure sizes

Measuring frame size: width from left to right to measure the width of window outline, window, middle, bottom, the widest size, that is, the outer frame, suitable for width. Height from the top to the bottom to measure the height of the window frame, the window of the left, middle and right of the largest size, that is, the suitable height of the frame. Measure inside frame size again.