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Are you still worried about power outages at home? This set of solar shutters help you

  • Release on:2018-04-19
Solar energy is a kind of free renewable clean energy, and it has no pollution to the environment. At present, the common method of using solar energy in the average family is solar thermal energy, which is a common solar water heater. The other is to convert solar energy into electricity through solar photovoltaic panels and store them in battery packs.

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However, it is not easy for general households to use solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. Especially in cities with high building density, there is simply no way to place solar photovoltaic panels in too many places. However, if we design a solar photovoltaic panel in the shape of a blind and fix it outside the window, we can collect solar energy very conveniently.

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The set of products named Smart Solar Blinds in the video satisfies the needs of the average family. As his name suggests, this solar photovoltaic panel is designed in the shape of a blind, and it can be automatically adjusted by an intelligent management system to ensure that the sun's rays shine directly on the photovoltaic panel.

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In terms of power generation efficiency, a window's solar shutters can generate about 150 watts, and two windows' solar shutters can generate about 300 watts. In the unstable power supply or temporary power outage, this solar energy collection system can play a significant role.