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Do not know what to buy blinds should pay attention to, Xuzhou decoration company to help you

  • Release on:2017-09-15
Everyone must have heard about the shutters (Wooden Shutters supplier china), and the properties of glass similar, blinds than the windows look more with some fan art, so maybe people will love art installation, the shutters were divided into types, mainly divided into two kinds of fixed and movable shutters, making materials are not the same so the choice of when you need to pay attention to places where there is more.

The shutter (oem Timber shutters in china) curtain is divided into two types: fixed type and movable type. It is folded and folded by many sheets, not only for ventilation, shading and noise insulation, but also for shading, cooling and decorating the living room. The blinds are made of bamboo chips, wood chips, glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets, aluminium alloy sheets, and popular plastic and linen sheets on the market.

The selection of blinds (Custom color Wooden Shutter in china) is best suited to the color of the furniture and walls of the room. If the walls are milky yellow or white, they can be painted with ivory blinds. The walls are light green and can be painted with grey or Green Venetian blinds. Brownish red furniture with pink or champagne Venetian blinds. In this way, warm and cold colors to coordinate with each other, can make the room look elegant and conform to no conventional pattern.