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Price comparison of blinds

The shutter is simple and beautiful. It has been developed for many years and the patterns have been renovated. The decorative effect is much better than that of the ordinary curtain. While more and more popular, shutter prices have become the focus of attention.

1 wooden shutters
The wood grain of wooden shutter (Wooden Shutters supplier china) can bring a natural feeling to the house decoration. Natural decorative effect, so that everyone of this material shutter like adding. According to the different wood, wooden shutter prices are also relatively large.

Ordinary wooden shutters, the price is generally 300 yuan / square meter, if it is like pine, camphor wood, this relatively good wood, the price may be 1000 yuan per square. What needs to remind everybody here is, when buying shutter generally, the businessman will install the cost to include in it, if you install by yourself, can let the businessman remove this money.

2 aluminium alloy shutters
The aluminum alloy shutter (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter) is a big class, the concrete division, has the aluminum wooden compound shutter, the aluminum alloy shutter, the aluminum plastic compound shutter, each kind has its unique superiority.

At present, the market price of aluminum alloy blinds (Outdoor Aluminum shutter manufacturer) is about 150 yuan / square, and if the quality is better, the price of aluminum alloy is about 30% higher than that of the ordinary ones.
Shutter price and cloth curtain compared to relatively cheap. White shutters can be flexibly used in a variety of decoration styles, although there are some shortcomings, but it can also be an economical choice. All of them are for you.