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Do you use curtains or blinds at home? After reading regret, bought so many curtains!

  • Release on:2017-10-11
At the moment, in order to protect the privacy of the family, most of the family life will be covered with curtains or shutters (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds). In the impression, the curtain uses the family to be many, but the shutter is the company, the public service unit uses is many. Not really. Let's see. Is the curtain safe or safe at home?

A: shutter is a relatively simple way to block the decoration, affordable, and white can be suitable for all types of colors, so many of the new rooms are pre installed with shutters. The disadvantage is that there is a gap between the four sides and the middle, the shielding function is not enough, can not play the role of heat preservation and sound insulation, and the decorative function is weak. In addition, each shutter is easy to dust, cleaning more troublesome.

Two: cloth curtain price will be more expensive than the general blinds (Wooden venetian blinds supplier), but can be very good to play shelter, warmth, sound insulation, decorative effect. If you observe the people carefully, most of the houses have cloth curtains, but usually open, we see is the shutter. In addition, the habit of making curtains with a layer of white yarn or a layer of white lining inside, choose their own love cloth, the purpose is to see from the outside and the shutters has internal color and decorative indoor environment. If you think of the effect of 100% shades, you can add another layer of shade to the ordinary fabric.