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Caution for venetian shutter cleaning

Hot summer, we often in a closed air-conditioned room to stay long, so in the home or cool weather in the morning, we need to open the window (Plantation shutter china) and air, then to a lot of problems, involving lighting, ventilation, mosquito, beautiful appearance, comprehensive comparison, shutter win. The following decoration network in Linxia told you that the shutter cleaning methods and matters needing attention.

Caution for venetian blind cleaning

1, cleaning aluminum shutter (oem Poplar wood shutter components), should be used not to aluminum and its coating damage caused by detergent, generally can choose to wash tableware detergent.

2, Venetian shutter are often direct sunlight, and if you do not clean the residue on the leaves of the detergent completely removed, it will cause detergent pollution, so be sure to thoroughly clean the detergent.

3, aluminum shutter shutter (Wood grain Aluminum shutter components), folding will leave a crease, so be careful when cleaning.
4, but also pay attention to cables and sliding pieces, these are very easy to pull out of place, thin Venetian shutter, leaves easily cut your hand, wash it carefully!